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Ariel outline by Roger Hughes at Parlor Trixx; California 

I have been waiting patiently for my tattoo to finally be finished so that I could submit it, and it’s finally done! (: Nemo is my favorite, so I also submitted the bigger picture of just Nemo. I hope that’s alright.


This is my the start of my villains half sleeve. I started it November last year after I got engaged. I wanted to cover up the Bad Religion tattoo I had (now under Ursula’s bodacious body) because it no longer represented the person I am and who I wanted to be.

The ladies will be completed by the end of August. I have better pictures of each lady up on my Tumblr - here.

In November, I’ll be adding on the guys: Gaston, Jafar/Captain Hook (haven’t decided which one yet), Dr. Facilier, Scar, Hades (along with Pain and Panic).

My artist is Derek “Dr. D” Hendrickson at Renaissance Custom Tattoo in Buffalo, NY.

My little mermaid tattoo. This movie was my inspiration from it being the film of my birth year to seeing it live on Broadway in New York the summer I graduated high school. I chose ariel because she has always given me the strength to step outside my comfort zone and go after what I really want especially with matters of the heart. 

Ariel tattoo on my right foot. I’ve always felt more connected to Ariel than any other Disney princess. :)

credit: Lori Beth, Vintage Tattoos, Starkville, MS.

Hello all,
My name is Keelin and I’m a tattoo apprentice in AWOL Tattoos, Galway, Ireland.
This is my first submission and the first Disney tattoo I’ve done so far (and also the first Disney film I watched as a kid!) 

This is my cutesie rosie-cheeked take on Ariel, The Little Mermaid 

I absolutely LOVED doing this piece, definitely want to do more like this for my portfolio so MORE DISNEY TATTOOS PLEEEEASE!