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My Pocahontas “Colors of the Wind” tattoo I got done a couple of weeks ago. I wanted something different from the generic Pocahontas and leaves blowing around, and when I saw the picture of this scene in the movie on google, I fell in love with the colors. It is so much more detailed in person, but it’s hard to take a picture of your back by yourself lol. It was done in Jamie’s Custom Tattoos in Portage, Indiana by Jamie.

Ice palace to be put in the background!

Caitlin Broadway- tonystarksbutt

"God grant me the serenity." 

When I was a baby Winnie the Pooh was something me and my dad watched while my mom went to college. Over time, he became an alcoholic and neglected my family for several years. 2 days after my 16th birthday he finally went into rehab and has been sober since. Our family is incredibly strong and happy now and we owe it all to the sobriety. For those who don’t know “God grant me the serenity…” is the beginning of the Serenity Prayer, and many addicts keep it close and in mind while in recovery. I wanted to get this tattoo to honor him, and remember what we as a family have gone through. 


Kirsty - Titan Tattoo Company

My Beast tattoo! ♥


I got a new tattoo


Bill Barrett at Boneheads, Fort Worth, Tx